Starts from Feb 1st, 2024, RMT price will change to $130 for 60 minutes, $103 for 45 minutes, $195 for 90 minutes.

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Southarm Massage Therapy

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How do we prepare for Covid-19!

Step 01

Capacity control

As a Brand New 1500sf Clinic we strictly control the number of people inside our clinic. There will be no more than 8 people (including the Therapists) inside the clinic at the same time.

Step 02

Social distancing and mask

All the Therapists and clients who are inside the clinic will be asked to wear the mask at all-time in the common area as one of our enhanced Coivd-19 safety protocols. 6 feet apart from each other in the common area is required when waiting for therapists.

Step 03

Room Rotation for Treatments

As a new clinic, we have 7 large treatment rooms to serve you. After each treatment, our therapist will use a different room for the next client to guarantee the air is fresh. The used room will be sanitized and cleaned by UV light to be used again.

Step 04

UV light plus Air Purifier

We have Germ Guardian air purifier with UV light to kill the germ and virus inside the clinic. The front desk and waiting area will be air purified at all times. Treatment rooms will be under UV light and air purified after each time of use.

Step 05

Sanitizing and Cleaning

There are hand sanitizers offered at the entrance of the clinic for clients to wash hands. We sanitize chairs in the waiting area and POS machine after each time of use. All the linens including table cover and face cradle cover are changed after each use and are properly washed & dried under high temperature.

rmt massage therapy

Swedish Relaxation Massage

Swedish Relaxation Massage relieves stress and allows the body to relax and unwind. Massage pressure applied by our amazing therapists during treatment will be tailored to suit one’s specific needs.

chinese deep tissue massage benefits

Deep Tissue Massage

Meant to free the adhered fibers of a muscle while helping to release deeply-held trigger points, and to relax and soothe the muscles. The main goal is to release chronic tension patterns through localized point pressure on adhered areas. This massage technique focuses on more specific areas and may cause temporary soreness the night of and day after the massage.

TMJ and Skull massage rmt richmond

TMJ and Skull Massage

This type of Massage is for a specific group of people who are suffering from TMJD and headaches. By working on the neck, face, and skull, our registered massage therapists are focusing on reducing the symptoms and the frequency of flare-ups of pain and headaches.

sports injury recovery back massage richmond

Sports Injury Recovery

Sports Injury Massage assists in recovery after sports and to facilitate the healing processes after injuries as well as prevention from injuries.

prenatal massage richmond

Prenatal Massage

This massage is focused on reducing muscular discomforts and relieving many of the aches and pains experienced during pregnancy. We have Professional pregnancy cushions with a comfortable space for the belly that allows treatments to be performed in the prone position. (Facedown.)

icbc massage therapy

ICBC Recovery Massage

A mix of massage types focused on recovery from a Motor Vehicle Accident. The goal is always to address patients’ needs and provide the best massage therapy.

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Southarm Massage Therapy and Wellness center provides professional services

Including Registered Massage Therapy(RMT) and Acupuncture.

There are many problems that can be treated with acupuncture.

The WHO (World Health Organization) has indicated among others:

  • Addictions to tobacco, food, sweets, etc.
  • Pain in joints, neck, spine, feet, arms, hands, etc.
  • Nervousness, Changes in mood, difficulties with sleep, Sadness, Melancholy, Inappetence.
  • Difficulty to achieve pregnancy, both natural and assisted.
  • Pains, Advances or menstrual delays.
  • Intolerances and Allergies.
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What Our Clients Think

Client Testimonials

Had RMT treatment from Faaizah and it was wonderful! The space is new, lighting is great, room is spacious. She maintained communication with me so I felt safe and comfortable throughout the session. The massage was amazing and I felt great when I left. Will definitely go back to see her and recommend her to everyone I know!
New, clean, bright & modern clinic. Was treated by Faaizah and she was great and professional! Definitely will be coming back. Lots of parking available as well. Overall a smooth and relaxing process. Highly recommend!
I booked with Karmon who was very professional and knowledgeable. She checked in periodically to make sure the pressure was just right. Clinic itself seems clean and spacious. Will definitely return again!
I am so glad to see a brand new registered massage clinic in this neighbourhood. Sarah treated my upper back pain. I felt a lot better after the treatment. The parking is very easy too, either on the ground or under ground.I will visit here again in the future as I need.
Sarah is fantastic! A new cute and cozy place, very professional and kind. Sarah really helped alleviate neck and upper back stiffness. Will be going back again, 10/10.
Sarah is fantastic! A new cute and cozy place, very professional and kind. Sarah really helped alleviate neck and upper back stiffness. Will be going back again, 10/10.
Juby H
Sandy L
Helen Wang
Raveen Purba
Raveen Purba